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Lock and roll with our wide selection, making your job easier from the get go.
High security pick-proof, drill-proof and bump-proof padlocks.

With the widest selection and security levels of padlocks, you’re bound to find exactly what you are looking for. 

laminated waterproof padlocks

The laminated padlocks strength comes from the design of stacked steel plates that are rivited together for longevity and strength. The Water Resistant Laminated padlock is perfect for any outdoor or transport applications. The colour bumper helps with identification of the lock when more than one is used and the also helps to prevent scratching surfaces. Available with or without waterproof jacket.

Jaguar padlocks

Modern & Elegant design. Available in Brass & Iron Body with Hardened Shackle Available in a standard key profile that is well known in South Africa. All Jaguar Padlocks go through a vigorous testing including salt spray tests up to 24 hours to ensure quality.

travel luggage belt lock

Keep your luggage locked and secure with combination travel luggage belt. Designed to withstand the rigours of travel.

discus padlocks

Made of high grade stainless steel for extra strength and are corrosion resistant. The round shape of discus lock body is to discourage unauthorised entry.

combination padlocks

Combination padlocks are the perfect choice for high traffic areas and travelling because of the Keyless feature of the lock. Available in 3 or 4 dials, numerous colours and styles. Codes can be reset in most cases. Also available in Transportation Security Administration lock (TSA Approved)

Expert preparation ensures the perfect finish.
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Jaguar is the preferred brand for millions of homes and businesses countrywide when it comes to locks and keys. That is due to Sanlic House of Locks offering a complete range of products available via a single account.

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