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OSHA Compliance for Lock Out Tag Out Locks

Sanlic House of Locks offers a full range of lockout tagout products & services to help you develop or improve your system. Together, we make workplaces safer.

Improve workplace safety by controlling access to machinery, equipment, or restricted areas. 


Our colourful range of Lockout and Tagout padlocks can be used in various industries. Allowing your team to personalize their locks for easy identification, helping to make your workspace safe


Various accessories for the industrial and mining sector, ranging from Ball Valve lock outs, Hasp lock outs, Lock Out Boxes and different warning signs to explain when maintenance is in process.

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Jaguar is the preferred brand for millions of homes and businesses countrywide when it comes to locks and keys. That is due to Sanlic House of Locks offering a complete range of products available via a single account.

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